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Salesforce Developer
Published 1mo ago

At Mercatalyst, We Are Event Driven Retail(R).  We create exciting and engaging shopping experiences and deliver deep value through curated, exclusive deals on leading brand products across all major consumer product categories. Mercatalyst reaches millions of customers through our partnerships with digital media and famous TV personalities and shows using our family of websites including:





Join forces with a unique group of entrepreneurs who created the daily deal and who remain innovative, creative, and resilient. We're always looking for like-minded people to enrich our company culture and our brand. We offer a unique and exciting experience, and we are looking to add talent to our team today!

Job Description
Mercatalyst is looking for a Salesforce Developer to work on our internal systems and infrastructure. You’ll be responsible for the software that powers a variety of internal systems including supply chain, warehouse management, shipping logistics, vendor management, customer support, and accounting. 

You’ll be expected to write new, custom Salesforce applications. You’ll also be expected to customize and extend our Financial Force and Supply Chain Management applications. Ideal candidates are those with experience in Salesforce DX and Lightning.


  • Minimum of 1-3 years in developer role (experience outside of Salesforce)
  • Minimum of 1-3 year Salesforce development experience
  • Strong Computer Science background required
  • 1-3 years ecommerce experience a plus
  • Extremely detail oriented
  • Resilient, adaptable, and comfortable with change and ambiguity
  • Experience with the Force.com platform, AppExchange, Apex, Visualforce, SOQL, and SOSL.
  • Experience with the FinancialForce.com ERP, Financial Management, and Supply Chain Management products is a plus